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About Us

Our Team

Nguyen Jazrawi & Chen, PLLC is a law firm focused on the efficient, effective and personalized service to those seeking immigration legal counsel.
We are a team of attorneys who are dedicated to those in need of representation in immigration law matters. Our attorneys have experience representing private individuals, small companies, and Fortune 500 companies. We have also represented clients in legal matters involving business law and family law. We are attorneys, but more importantly, we are providers of opportunity.


We represent foreign nationals who are interested in opportunities. Whether it be an opportunity to live, an opportunity to work, an opportunity to educate oneself, or simply an opportunity to visit the United States, we can assist. We concern ourselves with the immigration laws, the regulations, and the procedures so that our clients can focus on their goals.


The immigration process can often be tedious, frustrating and even scary. Those who seek our representation are able to speak with an experienced attorney who is willing to go that extra mile. Dedicated, efficient, and personalized service is what makes our team.
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