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Permits investor and/or certain employees of a qualifying entity to direct and develop the operations of an enterprise where the investor or entity has invested a substantial amount of capital. Such investment may not be made solely to earn a living. Not all countries have an E-2 treaty with the United States. For a list of E-2 countries please visit:

Fifth Preference (EB-5) – Employment Creation

Aliens engaging in a new commercial enterprise which has been established or is actively in the process of investing a specified amount creating full-time employment for not fewer than 10 United States workers and which will benefit the United States economy.

The amount of investment is $1 million in a standard metropolitan statistical area in excess of 20,000 inhabitants or $500,000 in a smaller town or a targeted high unemployment area in an inner city or other area.

Such investor will be granted conditional permanent residence on behalf of himself and his family which can be converted to permanent residence after 2 years when such investor files another petition with USCIS illustrating: (1) A commercial enterprise was established by the alien; (2) The alien invested the requisite capital and 10 full-time employees were hired; (3) The investment was funded; and (4) The business is viable.

All cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you require assistance with your case or want to see if you qualify for any of these Investor options, please contact our office for a consultation.